I’m Erin E. Sullivan—just another graphic designer/web developer.

  • RaiBlocks

    RaiBlocks is a new product created by Hieusys LLC that was in need of a logo to help create the foundation of its branding. With taking inspiration from the initials of the product, rai stones, and the isometric projection of blocks, I was able to form a solid and meaningful icon.

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  • Craps King Casino Entertainment

    Craps King Casino Entertainment sought an updated brand to more closely match the quality of their company. Their new logo includes a custom-illustrated crown and a fully customized WordPress website. Their new WordPress site is photo-heavy to provide viewers with images from past events hosted by Craps King Casino Entertainment. The dark and gold colors hint to the affluence and night life that often coincide with the casino experience.

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  • Laura & Erin

    This responsive WordPress site was designed and developed for my own wedding. The design of the website created the overall branding for our wedding theme. To help tie it all together, I designed a custom logo that incorporated both of our names which was included on many wedding elements.

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  • Meduro

    With a new company comes a new image. The wood bat company Meduro wanted to start off with a grand slam in their branding, starting with a grunge look tied in with wood elements. The whole project included a logo, wireframes, a responsive custom WordPress site, a custom Facebook page, and a custom Twitter profile.

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  • Borderless Brands

    I designed and developed a splash page for Borderless Brands along with an updated icon and add the company slogan for their logo. They sought to have a globe in the center of the page divided into puzzle pieces. Each piece links to a puzzle-shaped lightbox. The globe in their logo inspired me to incorporate a custom illustrated, cosmic background.

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I have a broad spectrum of experience in design. My skills include print design, web design, responsive design, logo design, social media design, and more. With this vast list of skills, I can confidently help you with your project.


With the focus on HTML5/CSS3 standards and cross-browser compatibility, I strive to deliver clean and solid coding, along with using jQuery to increase user experience. I also develop for WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system.


Helping out with the direction of your project can be very beneficial; Consulting, wireframes for your websites, sketches for your logo, and swatches for your brand colors. I can work out all the angles of your project to make your vision clear from the start.